Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Paddle Board Yoga

I discovered a few months ago, a new form of yoga that works your core a lot more than on dry land. It involves a Stand-Up Paddle Board, which is a huge surfboard which you stand on whilst paddling with one long oar. It's much like punting on the Cam, except you don't mind if you fall in..

There's a class in Poole but nowhere closer to home.

Here's an article on it, from the Huffington Post;

'Following Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga and restorative yoga, there's a new yoga style in town, and it lives on a paddle board. Meet paddle board yoga -- a yoga practice that is carried out on paddle boards in the water. A combination of surfing and yoga, if you will, paddle board yoga is known for giving the body a "core" workout because of the added challenge of having to maintain one's balance while performing yoga poses.

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