Thursday, 10 December 2009


The never ending list of sites I urge myself to visit; - Wonderful French campsites - Book I must buy! - The most influential blog - contemporary fashion blog - Andre Kertesz: On Reading, a beautiful collection of photographs. - Holga based photography site. - Some digital harinezumi video pieces I am yet to watch. The digital harinezumi is a sort of super8 camera made by Superheadz. - digital harinezumi. - Skill sharing near my home. - Natural History Museum archive

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Untitled December 2009

This is an untitled piece made from moss, chicken wire and thick thread. Finlay and I gathered moss and it has been stored outside for the past few days to keep it fresh and green. I made a structure from chicken wire and sewed the moss onto it using the thick thread. I then attached this 'mossy-stalactite' to a light fitting on the ceiling using invisible beading thread which is strong but enables the sculpture to appear weightless, almost floating.

I feel that this piece would be suitable for exhibiting, despite its short life, within a white gallery space such as the concourse gallery in Byam Shaw. I will experiment with display further when I am able to.

Disneyland 2009

I made this 'Disney-land' for my mum who is quite unhappy that we are not going to Disneyland before Christmas this year. It is a collection of photographs in a large cardboard box that you can stick your head into and imagine that you are there.

'The End Illustrated'

Issue 1 of 'The End Illustrated' 2009.
A new publication idea developed from my publication company 'The End Publications'.

Monday, 7 December 2009


I have been constructing a yurt since September 2009 in a collaboration with my boyfriend Finlay Simpson, a carpenter. It is being presented for assessment at Byam Shaw school of art and will be exhibited in the Concourse Gallery at Byam Shaw in January, and hopefully other exhibitions within the University of the Arts London.

Please visit to view additional photographs taken during construction.


Please click 'ARTWORK' to visit my photo album of current artwork.