Friday, 18 June 2010

Ash Cloud

A canopy made from newspaper I am exhibiting in the Concourse Gallery in Byam Shaw.


Made from toilet roll tubes, soil and wild flowers

Friday, 19 March 2010

Hen and Hammock

Beautiful environmentally friendly garden and home products. Particularly in love with their recycled pots, sardine tin fruit bowls and quirky seeds.

Easter Break

I have handed in my work based learning documentation to be marked and now I have officially finished for four weeks of easter break before the run up to our degree show i.e our last term at Byam Shaw. I visited the Saatchi yesterday to see the Indian Art exhibition and I was really unimpressed by the art on show. It seems Charles' taste is becoming more and more urban, he has lost almost all interest in organic and ultra-contemporary sculpture. Apart from a few sculptures in Gallery 1 and 2 there was little on show to inspire me.

I went to this exhibition in search of a little inspiration for some Indian inspired art that I could produce in relation to my trip to India in a weeks time, which could ultimately inspire my degree show proposal. I gained little from the exhibition but I will still consider the notion of Indian inspired art as a possible springboard next term.

This piece particularly stood out to me. It's beauty is juxtaposed by the subject. The surface of the large-scale heart is covered in blue, green and red bindi's. From a distance the sculpture stands out as a dull coloured exaggeration of a bad heart but on closer inspection it is beautifully patterened.

Bharti Kher
'An Absence of Asignable Cause'

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Friday, 5 March 2010


The exhibition opened last night, with a great turn out of a few hundred people. A few publishers should be visiting the gallery over the next few days, to gather information for some articles.

These are my two pieces in the gallery;

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


1. Create a website to display my work, including my personal pieces, drawings, installations, sculptures, potential project ideas (explore copyright) and collaborations with other artists such as Guy Portelli.

2. Exhibition piece for 5th March 2010. I have two weeks to prepare and build a piece for the exhibition. Potential materials: parcel tape, wide masking tape, newspaper.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Concourse Gallery Show 2010

FdA Concourse Gallery show January 2010.
My piece is called 'White Out' and I produced an information book alongside this.


I am currently doing some freelance work for Eva Weinmayr, an artist and artist book publisher, who is also a tutor on my course at Byam Shaw. She has started a business called AND, and I printed all of the posters by hand with her using screen print. I then hung them around the four Central Saint Martins campus's with Sophie Bebb, a classmate.

Snow Day


A film I made during those four long December/January weeks that we students have off.