Friday, 19 March 2010

Hen and Hammock

Beautiful environmentally friendly garden and home products. Particularly in love with their recycled pots, sardine tin fruit bowls and quirky seeds.

Easter Break

I have handed in my work based learning documentation to be marked and now I have officially finished for four weeks of easter break before the run up to our degree show i.e our last term at Byam Shaw. I visited the Saatchi yesterday to see the Indian Art exhibition and I was really unimpressed by the art on show. It seems Charles' taste is becoming more and more urban, he has lost almost all interest in organic and ultra-contemporary sculpture. Apart from a few sculptures in Gallery 1 and 2 there was little on show to inspire me.

I went to this exhibition in search of a little inspiration for some Indian inspired art that I could produce in relation to my trip to India in a weeks time, which could ultimately inspire my degree show proposal. I gained little from the exhibition but I will still consider the notion of Indian inspired art as a possible springboard next term.

This piece particularly stood out to me. It's beauty is juxtaposed by the subject. The surface of the large-scale heart is covered in blue, green and red bindi's. From a distance the sculpture stands out as a dull coloured exaggeration of a bad heart but on closer inspection it is beautifully patterened.

Bharti Kher
'An Absence of Asignable Cause'

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Friday, 5 March 2010


The exhibition opened last night, with a great turn out of a few hundred people. A few publishers should be visiting the gallery over the next few days, to gather information for some articles.

These are my two pieces in the gallery;