Saturday, 26 January 2013

Thomas Murphy

On my Pinterest a large majority of my images are found on Thomas Murphy's pinterest page, of which most of the images come from his website Blood and Champagne.

I'd definately recommend it for some interiors inspiration, he has a great sense of style, mixing traditional with modern, quirky with sleek.

Alongside Abigail Ahern's blog, these two websites really inspire me and I gain a lot of my creativity from them.

Sunday, 13 January 2013


These are the things I am planning to fill up my 2013 with!

Lentils and game. Game is a delicious and easy way to eat locally sourced and healthy meals without breaking the bank. Some of our local markets; Shipbourne, Tunbridge Wells (Pantiles) and Penshurst are places to find local game dealer.

Otherwise, Chart Farm in Seal sells the most gorgeous venison and some other local game produce.

You can find lentils in every supermarket, Puy are the most delicious but red are great in curries and stews.

Running. I started last summer and reached my 5km goal by using the NHS 'couch to 5k' plan. It was fantastic and made me feel great within no time at all.

You can download the plan from cool running here which I printed off and kept track of on my phone.

Spend more time in this rust box! He hasn't been out for a year or so but this year is his year to shine. Glastonbury festival, camping trips and a new 'rock n roll' double bed in the back.

And maybe even a lick of paint...

Read more. Less TV, more reading and talking.

Get prepared to travel. Next stop: Kerala, Bali, Australia and South America!

Do more of this. Festivals, nights out, parties. Bring it on

I've been reading a few posts from an open learning KLC student here; interiornovice and stumbled across a post about the worlds top 4 designers. I found this home by Martyn Lawrence Bullard particularly inspiring. Probably because it's so mediterranean and the use of wood is spectacular. Very warming and inviting.

The large window at the rear of this room and the tree really enhance the sense of space. The colour scheme works beautifully with the amount of light in the space.

 The two chairs in this area with the tree stump style side table look very inviting but don't take away the eye from the main attraction, which is the large dark wood wall behind.

Another well arranged set of chairs and table. The play with scale near a set of stairs, I have learnt, is much easier to the eye for visitors as a staircase can seem quite daunting, especially one as grand as this.   

I love the freestanding open shelving butchers block next to the huge fridge freezer. The painting softens the space by reminding visitors that a kitchen is not just for preparing food. I love a kitchen that incorporates real 'living' into it through placement of objects, art and other things that aren't usually found in a kitchen. 

The dining room is gorgeous, the three pendant Moroccan style lamps enhance the length of the table. It's a lovely traditional space, the window is beautiful and untouched by trimmings or fabrics and the tree at the rear of the room brings a little bit of nature inside.

I found all of these images and plenty more on Martyns website which I have also pinned to my Pinterest

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Spring Summer 2013 Trends

Fashion forecast for Spring/Summer 2013. Found on Vogue

Particularly drawn to the fringing and the Hawaiian trends.

These could both be used in room schemes or as inspiration for schemes.

Gold Sequins