Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Exhibition Week

Today was the second to last day in preparation for the exhibition which is opening tomorrow evening. Most of the sculptures are in place, all photographs and paintings are mounted and on the wall and we are almost ready to open! It's all looking great, we had a lot of visitors in the gallery throughout the day today, mainly friends of Guy and Victoria (my boss and his girlfriend) and a few lovely artists and photographers who are exhibiting their work.

I mainly worked on painting the backboards and temporary walls a lovely shade of 'art-gallery' grey. Also a little retouching of the mosaic tiles that had fallen off in transit or grouting missed areas.

During my lunch break I took a cheeky trip to Cass Art shop and bought a huge A2 sketchpad, a tiny handbag sized sketchpad and a set of staedtler fineliners. Shopping in an art store to me is like a child in a toyshop or shoe shopping to any normal woman!

This week I have downloaded around twenty podcasts, mostly Tate Events but a few lectures by senior staff at UAL colleges. I have also been looking most mornings through several blog sites and google searching 'environmental art' and 'natural art blogs'

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